We write to formally introduce Limited to you with the intention of commencing a travel management business Partnership with your Company. We are an online travel management company registered in Nigeria and we have set out to reposition the Sub-Agent market in Nigeria. We intend to do this by applying the most advanced technology and system processes currently available. We also intend to distinguish our brand with exceptional value added services with incentive and promo driven packages.

We have a team of well trained, highly efficient, and dedicated professionals who provide excellent customer service to meet the demand of our partners.

Our Travelpaddy Product Offerings Limited has a process that will provide travel services for the following geographic areas:

Domestic: Arik, Air Peace, Aero, Azman, First Nation, Dana, Overland etc,
Regional: Asky, Camairco, Gambia bird, and others; And all International destinations.

We will also provide the under listed services:

  • Visa processing assist
  • Renewals assist
  • Travel reservations, issuance and delivery of flights tickets
  • Seat assignments, boarding passes and flight reminders
  • Reservations for lodging accommodations with over 45,000 local and international hotels
  • Transfers between airport terminals and residential/official locations
  • Detailed traveler’s itinerary and tour guide framework
  • Protocol & Logistics services (meet & greet, Airport Lounge access, Free VIP airport parking)
  • Management information and billing reports and automated reconciliation derived from our advance CRM & Accounting platforms.
  • Managing relationship with major travel suppliers. Negotiation of deals.

We invite to sign up with Affiliate Program. In our drive to you better, we have researched your needs and have come up this program. Below are the highlights of Affiliate Program (TAP).

  • You will have your personalized Accounts where you can book and pay for any of our exciting products.
  • Your Logo will be on the vouchers generated for the service purchased.
  • You have a dedicated Account Manager
  • Value for your Money, we offer the best rates for tickets, hotels visas in the market.
  • Your discount increases as your volume increase
  • A lot of freebies and much more.

TAP is open to both IATA and non IATA Travel Companies in 3 Levels as stated below:
1. TAP Silver:

  • This package allows you to pay as you book
  • Can be operated by both IATA and Non IATA Travel Companies
  • 70% of Available Airline Commissions and 8% on Hotel and other products
  • UAE visas at $120 each
  • Easy upgrade to TAP Gold

2. TAP Gold:

  • Minimum of NGN 100,000 Prepaid Credit in your travel wallet
  • For both IATA and non IATA Companies
  • Must have a registered Business name or Company
  • Personalized Account with your Logo
  • 80% of Available Airline Commissions and 10% on Hotels and other products
  • Qualifies for extra incentive program
  • UAE Visas at $99 each
  • Customized Dashboard and MIS Reporting
  • Additional Support

3. TAP Diamond:

  • NGN 250,000 minimum Deposit in your Travel Wallet
  • In addition to the benefits of TAP Gold, you have a postpaid credit of NGN 200,000, payable in 1 week when your deposit is exhausted
  • For only IATA Travel Agencies with a minimum business relationship of 3 months with
  • Exclusive Travel Promo notification, free Upgrades and Discount offers*
  • Additional Support

Please feel free to contact us, if you have any questions or would need further clarifications.

Looking forward to receiving your requests.